understanding acupuncture

Acupuncture is the insertion of tiny needles into specific points to stimulate blood flow and oxygenate areas of the body. In the treatment of trauma, it strengthens and supports the muscle tissue to accelerate recovery, eases pain and helps us to regain our mobility. From an internal medicine perspective, it harmonized the various organ systems and allows them to work more efficiently. This can be seen in its ability to assist in the regulation and stimulation of hormone levels, its ability to increase the up-regulation of glucose into the cells or invigorate the digestive enzymes of the stomach to release more hydrochloric acid.

Though acupuncture is just now being widely used in the west for its innate health benefits, its history stretches back more than 2,000 years. For many this casts a shadow of doubt across the medicine as it is perceived as "ancient" and "outdated." On the contrary however, the period of time it has been used has allowed it to undergo extreme clinical trials. Over the years, applications of acupuncture have been passed down from one generation to the next through written texts, documenting the exact details of how to treat specific conditions. The depth of work held within Chinese medicine makes nearly any other system of medicine in the world small in comparison, though no system is complete unto itself. As acupuncture is now evolving through its blossoming in the west, we are able to substantiate many of its teachings with that of western thought. By bringing the two medicines together we are given an even great tool to understand, diagnose and treat disorders of the body.

the integrity of my practice

In clinic I blend the knowledge of western anatomy and physiology with the complex system of Chinese medicine to deepen the impact of my treatments and decrease recovery time for patients. I believe nutrition plays a crucial role in our lives, even if it appears otherwise, and that we cannot seek change simply by visiting someone for treatments once a week. Instead we must shift the routines of our daily life to support a more balanced way of living. This does not mean we have to be extreme in our endeavors. Disease takes time to manifest and moving back into a state of harmony also takes time. Implementing small changes have a greater impact on our lives than big changes over a small period. When working with trauma there are always postural changes and physical exercises to assist in the recovery of any tissue. If the disease is more internal in nature, then lifestyle and diet are more applicable. No matter the disease or imbalance I seek to simply offer a way for my patients to regain their health and in turn their happiness.


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