acupuncture outperforms medication in relieving pain

In most cases when we experience pain we all to often reach for medication for relief, but new studies are showing that drug companies now have a new competitor in town, and that competitor is acupuncture!

The research study, released in 2016, compared acupuncture against one of the most widely used pain relievers on the market, morphine. The research was conducted on 300 patients in an emergency room setting and showed acupuncture outperformed morphine by nearly 15%, offering greater relief to 92% of the patients receiving treatments. A number that is by itself staggering, but even more impressive when compared against one of the most powerful drugs in alleviating acute and chronic pain. Morphine, a highly used opioid, also has is exceptionally addictive, an aspect that is gaining more publicity than ever in the political and heal industry as heath care professionals scramble for better alternatives. Acupuncture on the other hand, has no such addictive tendencies or side effects. Making it not only effective, but safer than the drug alternative in relieving pain, an easy win-win for everyone involved.