finding natural relief from pms without medicaation

No one likes experiencing PMS, and only a lucky few women experience no signs or symptoms of pain associated with their cycle. While Western medicine seeks to alleviate these issues by inhibiting the cycle altogether, undesirable side effects can occur down the road by substantially changing hormonal levels in the body.

Chinese medicine on the other hand is able to understand and diagnose PMS on an entirely different level than that of its western counterpart. And by doing so, offer a much more in-depth and substantial solution to mitigating the pain associated with your period.  In Chinese medicine the cause of pain can be caused from blood stagnating due to interior cold or from an underlying lack of blood in the body. When pairing acupuncture with nutrition and herbs we can nourish the body in the way that is needed to rectify the imbalance. The end result is a healthier body and a period without pain. 

Photo by Patrick Hendry