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"It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver." 

-mahatma ghandi 

east meets west

It is essential to compose a comprehensive view of one’s medical profile. By blending western lab and imaging results with traditional pulse and tongue diagnoses, Brian is able create a complete and clear picture of the origin of a given disease. In turn, creating a more effective treatment protocol for each patient.



Acupuncture offers a natural approach to relieving pain, balancing hormones and lowering stress without the side effects often found in taking medication. It works by stimulating the various layers of the physical and energetic aspects of the body, bringing about a state of balance and harmony.

why acupuncture works



Externally, moxa provides remarkable relief from conditions that are aggravated by cold, wet or damp climates and can increase range of motion to joints that have been hindered by recent trauma.

Internally it can aid significantly to decrease symptoms related to intestinal inflammation in such conditions as: Crohn’s Disease, cystitis, IBS and Leaky Gut Syndrome.

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herbal medicine

Herbs have a profound ability to place the body back into its natural state, mediating the many chemical and hormonal signals in the body to create a more balanced state of being. Formulas are customizable for each individual to bring about the necessary changes needed to reach a state of vitality.

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cupping therapy

Cupping relieves sore muscles, and reduces recovery time of injuries. Like massage, cupping invigorates the circulation of blood to ensure fresh oxygen and nutrients can heal damaged tissue. It’s widely used in sports medicine therapy to increase the endurance of professional athletes.

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a proactive approach to health

Chinese Medicine is a term that encompasses several methods of treatment such as acupuncture, herbal medicine, tui na (massage) and nutrition. Dating back more than 2,000 years it has been forged by generations of clinical applications and over time, refined to what we now know it as today.
Acupuncture is fast becoming the most applicable and clinically relavent form of treatment in the West by both doctors and patients alike. It is used as an analgesic during surgery, stroke recovery, chronic and acute pain and infertility, to name a few. The scope of acupuncture is undefined, as it seeks to treat the root of a given condition rather than just the symptom. When paired with herbal medicine it offers a clinically relevant alternative to western-based medicine.

In the traditional cultures of China, nutrition is the primary source of health; they understand the foods we eat and the water we drink has a direct impact on our health. If a disease persists after diet modification, herbal medicines and acupuncture therapy is then given to correct the underlying patter and resolve the disharmony. At Red Pine Acupuncture, Brian brings the tradition of eastern medicine into the 21st century, treating both the cause and symptom of a given illness and assists his patients in making lifestyle changes to create a lasting state of health.

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