Brian Blinn, L.Ac.

Brian was initially exposed to acupuncture at the age of 20, while living in Nova Scotia, Canada. During his stay, he received a Japanese-style acupuncture treatment that completely reshaped his view of medicine and the body. Shortly after returning home, Brian took up the study of Chen Tai Qi and Qi Gong to understand the more subtle aspects of the body. It was also during this time that he began his non-formal training of Chinese medicine.


In 2001 he took up the study of Western botanical medicine in Seattle, Washington, learning the pharmacological and medicinal effects of plants. Then later broadened his scope of herbal medicine with the study of Ayurveda at Kerala Institute.

In 2012 he took up the formal study of acupuncture and received his Masters of Traditional Chinese Medicine from Five Branches University in 2015, coalescing his training of qigong, acupuncture, nutrition, and herbal medicine into a single practice.

In the clinic Brian integrates western methods of diagnoses with traditional knowledge of eastern medicine to empower his patients to regain their health, and in turn their joy.


California Board Licensed Acupuncturist, L.Ac.
Nationally Certified Diplomat of Acupuncture, NCCAOM
Masters of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, Five Branches University
Ayurvedic Wellness counselor, Kerala University

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